PP application does not open after reboot, here solving

Some iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak users have found that application PP refuses to open after restarting longer own terminals, and without it could open jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 restores can not be used to further tweak all sites and applications available Cydia, so we’re talking about a major problem for everyone.

Of course as yet no clear explanation for that application PP does not start after reboot, but the upside is that we have a solution, and it appears to be related to substrate platform that allows us to use a wide range of tweaks available in Cydia at the moment.

PP app

Substrate possibility exists that is not fully compatible with iOS 9.3.3, and here comes trouble with the PP, which starts after a reboot of the iDevice’s, but the resolution is extremely simple so you can do in seconds and you can enjoy again everything that iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak offers.

PP solve this application, which does not start

Following these steps should bring things to normal:

  • Close your terminals using the Power button iDevice’s.
  • Now holding down the Volume Up button and restart them let go only after iOS started on LockScreen see the screen.
  • Open task switcher site by a double click of the Home button and close all applications that are open in the background.
  • Now enter the application and click the circle in the middle PP to restore and jailbreak tweak can run all sites and applications.

If you have any problems, expect them in the comments.

Apple released two new videos Shot on iPhone

Yesterday the people at Apple have released two new commercials for the iPhone camera in campaign Shot on iPhone, and today we see two more videos showing us how cool it is to record videos in slow motion, idling, using the iPhone 6S and native application room created by Apple.

In the first video you can see a person walking on a flying fox in Bregenz, Austria, while in the second you see a woman in Manhattan whose hair dancing in the wind, both videos showing how many details and movements can be slow motion captured using the camera function.

Play on the beach – suitable for beach games

If these days enjoying the scorching sun of the coast, then Apple has for you a new section of the application called Play on the beach, she recommending the best games that can be played while relaxing on the beach, they based on a gameplay that includes beaches.

We are talking about a series of games in which a good part of the action takes place including beaches virtual Play on the beach is clever designed to conjures the beach, or to potentiate the mood of the user who relax on the beach while testing the game.
Certainly section Play on the beach there are a limited number of games that Apple us recommend, this is perfectly normal, its employees choosing only the best titles that are available right now in the App Store for iPhone owners , iPad and iPod Touch’s.

Netflix – Americans weapon to control the world

Netflix is one of the largest services of video on demand on the planet, with over 80 million subscribers subscriptions worldwide, the company managed to attract more and more users every day through the library of films and which prove to be extremely attractive to many people.

Although a lot of people love Netflix and uses daily service, the Russian government believes that it is actually a move to the US to control the people of the entire planet, the US government reaching televisions and terminals for people to control their minds from a distance .-netflix

This statement was made by Vladimir Medinski, Minister of Culture of Russia, the saying that big companies were funded by the US government to be able to expand services, but only to the extent that they could be used to distribute American culture over worldwide.

The truth is that Netflix and his films are seen by hundreds of millions of people monthly, and many people are attracted to American culture, but Russia is a special case because they see a threat in any service performed by an American company, if he is loved by Russians.

The White House fully understands That through Netflix, THEY CAN get into Every Home, Every television and Then – Every head into, Medinsky said. Do you think that gigantic THESE startups get going all by Themselves? That if a student is sitting with an Idea That There billions of dollars come raining down?

Russia has always had a negative policy vis-a-vis the services launched by various US companies and quite often I saw members of the government or Parliament, criticizing products from the US, or even the people who run these companies.

Even if Netflix is a company supported in a secret division of the CIA trying to conquer our planet by controlling minds, Russia is the last country where anyone would trust to listen to a warning of this kind.

IconRotator Cydia Tweak for Non-Plus versions of iPhone 6/6s

Apart from its giant display iPhone 6s Plus comes with a couple of exclusive characteristics that set it apart from other iPhone versions. One characteristic is its turning characteristic which not only rotates the program icons to the homescreen but also alters the orientation of several stock programs to better benefit from the bigger real estate. However it has been found the tweak works quite nicely on new software variants including iOS 9.x. This enables jailbroken iOS users to possess the new iPhones rotation characteristic, at least on the homescreen. You’ll get compatibility error in spite of the fact that the tweak works good on the more recent variant. Until that changes, to get the tweak you must check out the measures below.iconrotator

First you’ll need to open iFile on your iOS apparatus and spigot around the ball button. Subsequently in your computer proceed to′ using any web browser.

It’s possible for you to upload it in just about any directory yet make sure you’re in a position to locate it upon your iPhone afterwards. Once transport was finished, on iFile spigot in your home button and visit the directory you uploaded the .deb file on. Faucet onto it. In the menu faucet on Installer. The tweak will install in your device and you’ll find a way to see it work instantly. If it doesn’t work afterward respring your iPhone. That’s it! Now you understand the best way to get that elaborate iPhone 6 Plus attribute in your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5s homescreen. In addition, it is possible to make the look better by altering the size of icons or concealing labels using distinct tweaks.

Create on the fly notes with Cydia Tweak NoteCreator

I’m not certain how a lot of you utilize the stock Notes program in the age of Evernote but in case you do, it is a tweak you shouldn’t miss. NoteCreator is a tweak that produces creating notes on the fly super easy.

Its a tweak for productivity people who would like to make notes faster. The tweak is activated through Activator so that it is possible to establish any activity to activate the tweak. Keep reading to learn more on the subject of the tweak.

It’s activated by means of an activity like shaking the apparatus or finger swipes it is possible to essentially make a decision as to what shortcut activates the tweak.

When the tweak is activated, a note sheet opens in the display. It’s possible for you to type your note and pat on Done to save the note. Tapping on Cancel ceases from saving the note.

Therefore, NoteCreator looks just like an incredibly efficient method to produce to-dos on the fly. It makes sure it is possible to make notes immediately from whatever display you happen to be on.

One thing that you must make sure is the Activator activity you assign for NoteCreator must not clash with system shortcuts. For example , it is possible to delegate shake the unit to NoteCreator but the shortcut is generally for Undoing Typing. Decide a really special, exceptional gesture.

NoteCreator can be obtained on ModMyi free of charge.

Auxo 2 Task Switcher Cydia App

In the event the whole jailbreak community has been waiting for something magnificent lately, it was Auxo 2. First previews of the tweak revealed an impressive mix of task-switcher and control center toggles/settings. It had been slated to released on April 2. And it’s been released.

Back when our telephones were running iOS 8.2, Auxo drastically altered the job switcher interface for us. Auxo 2 does pretty much the exact same thing: it brings a wonderful, seamless as well as a strong job switcher.

Among the primary things you discover about Auxo 2 is the interface, the seamlessness of the cartoons which take place. Nearly all the tweaks that A8 tweaks have developed are enthralling as it pertains to interface elements. Auxo 2 has got the hallmark of an extremely professional tweak that adds a great deal to the overall UI in iOS 8.3.
Auxo 2s sterling attributes reside in two of its own UI settings: Multicenter and Quick Center.

Quick Center is for fast switching between programs. Both open programs and lately-obtained programs (that might not be running in the background now) could be obtained instantly, with only a swipe gesture. To get Quick Center, you simply swipe upward from the bottom-left of the display after which swipe across to the program you would like to open. The swipe repeats the magnifying attribute of the OS X Dock while close-full page previews of programs make it much more simple to recognize the program.

Quick Center could be turned to the first multi-job-switcher by simply swiping up farther (if the Multicenter is disabled).

The Multi Center

Multicenter is the fusion of Control Center and Job Switcher. The screenshots show how Multicenter looks and its pretty much the manner Apple couldve executed the entire job-switcher matter.

Multicenter is activated (if enabled) by swiping upward in the bottom.

Most common-functions and toggles of the Control Center can easily be bought in the Multi Center. You may also swipe upward from within the Multi Center to get into program launcher/shortcuts. The Multi Center has got the program switcher, brightness and volume sliders, music managements as well as the AirPlay/AirDrop sections. It’s possible for you to configure them all from within the settings for Auxo 2.

Auxo 2 additionally adds a few other characteristics: it brings a killall switch that operates similar to the tweak, Purge. Swipe up the program card for the homescreen and it is possible to kill all programs in the backdrop. One other crucial attribute is landscape mode support. Auxo 2 runs excellently on landscape style also.

Subsequently there are popular corners (bottom-left and bottom-right) which activate the homescreen or the job switcher easily. Theres lots more that Auxo 2 brings regarding gesture-based activities.

Its upward on the BigBoss repo. In case you purchased Auxo, it is possible to update for $1.99. In case you purchased both the iPhone and iPad variations of the first Auxo, v2 will cost you $0.99.

Backing up Cydia Apps

There will be situations, like rejailbreaking your device, restoring iOS, upgrading or downgrading iOS, when we need a copy of the Cydia apps stored on the iDevice in question, in other words a backup. Back in the day you would have to take a piece of paper and a pen and write down every single tweak and app and the download and install them one by one. Fortunately, technology offers us quite a few more easy and fast ways of doing this and here are two of the best apps for backing up Cydia apps.


The first app is called OpenBackup and you can get it for free from the Cydia App Store. Performing a full backup is very easy thanks to a very user friendly interface. You just have to open the app and tap the “Backup” button. The app wil save all Cydia apps on your device to iCloud or iTunes and if you are backing up an iPhone you will also have ca copy saved into your filesystem at private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/OpenBackupFiles.

The backing up process takes a few minutes, depending on how many apps are on the device.

Restoring the backed up apps to your device is also very easy. After modifying your device, you have to download and install OpenBackup again, tap the “Restore” button and in a matter of minutes everything will be back in place.

The second app is AptBackup which is also free, but unlike OpenBackup which backs up all your apps, AptBackup creates a list with the names of the apps without saving the app itself so you have to install them again one by one.

PKGBackup is another backing up app that was also mentioned in the Top 10 Best Cydia Apps of All Time because of its functionality. Unlike OpenBackup and Aptbackup, this has a price of $9.99 which may sound a bit expensive for those who don’t consider apps important for them, but if you have an app that is worth hundreds then $9.99 is money well spent. There are also differences in the “options departament”. For example, with PKGBackup you can backup your apps and tweaks to an address book, Dropbox or SugarSync. Also you have to remember that this app doesn’t backs up your account ID so you have to log in to Cydia with the account ID, this being a paid app, after re-jailbreaking your iOS device and download the app again so make sure you do not lose your Cydia account details.

The apps mentioned above are the best two apps from Cydia. You can choose any of them or you can use both Openbackup and PKGBackup at the same time if you want to make doubly sure that your apps and tweaks are backed up properly.

Get a terminal screen right in your Notification Center

We all love to tinker with our device and take a closer look to see how it works and how you can make it work better. For this the jailbreak tools were made to make run faster, look better and test other new stuff. This way you can install a theme, set a ringtone, get a tweak to change your system. But for this you will need a distributing platform like Cydia or Lima. Between these two cydia is the most used, next beside the ones you get as standard in cydia you will need to add other repositories, you can find more repos here at www.howtoinstallcydia.org.

ncterminalBut today we are not going to talk about repositories; instead I am going to present you a tweak that I think is targeted for a specific group of people, geeks and advanced users. It is nice to see tweaks that are made also for other groups of people, not for the masses. Continuing with our tweak this is called NCTerminal. It adds a terminal window to your Notification Center from where you basically can run any terminal command from there. It can also run scripts in background.
Simple tweak but with a lot of power, you can own it for just $2.62 from the well-known BigBoss repo.

Input text more easily with AltKeyboard

Typing a text on your iPhone could be sometimes a pain in the ass if you know what a mean. What if there is a tweak that can include gestures when typing a text quickly and easily. There a lot of cydia apps but none of them does the job like AltKeyboard.

Today I am going to present you this tweak. It implements two principles Slide up or Flick up. With alternative keys on the primary keys these key can be accessed by a simple flick or if you want a more long gesture you can of for the slide gesture to select the alternative. This way you can access numbers or other characters from the main keyboard.


Another principle allows you to change what to input when sliding up or shifting up when using Alternative key or Shifted key. The alternative key allows you to input alternative key where shifted key will help you insert upper case letters and the function of alternative key can be used when pressed 123 key.


For most of you the accommodation with this tweak can be a little bit hard since you will try to use a new typing method. Since we leave in the age of speed most of us prefer speed typing, saying this you will surely want to try this tweak. Even though this app is not free I strongly recommend that you should give it a try. For only $0.99 you can download it from cydia. This cydia tweak is a part of the BigBoss repo.